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Our Vision

 There are a few simple truths about our physical body that have been lost through over complicated diets and processed foods. Simply put…. balance is attainable. We are focused on information and products uniquely designed with the Whole Body in mind. We focus on everything that enters the mind and body for optimum wellness and longevity.

We have over Two-Hundred Years in years of combined experience in all fields linking the Human Body. Or team is comprised of health care professionals from all disciplines, Doctors, Nurses, Chiropractors, Scientist, Nutritionist, Food Scientists, Chefs, and Formulators. Knowledge and experience combined with our access to unique patented technology and processes afford us an exceptional position in the global marketplace for overall wellness products.

Featured Products

By using these natural, nutrient rich products, loaded with anti-oxidants and anti-inflammation-fighting components that can help stimulate your bodies immune system and natural thriving state of mind and body, results are sure to follow!

CS SleepSense

Restful sleep can be a first line of defense for combating illness, repairing cells, and providing rejuvenation of mind and body. 

CS XanSense

A synergistic combination of nutrient dense super foods! Boost your immune system with anti-oxidants and simultaneously attack inflammation. 

CS Boost

Designed to fuel the body with the goodies it needs to operate at peak potential. This synergistic combination of nutrient dense super foods helps to fortify your immune system with anti-oxidants and simultaneously attack inflammation.

CS BrainSense

BrainSense is designed to provide a solid nutritional foundation to help your brain and body perform optimally with our proprietary delivery technology.

CS GutSense

How are your gut instincts? You have probably heard the gut is the second brain,…

CS Support

Helps you cover from a workout, support bone healing and health, and provide your body with the framework to fight off inflammation and pain.

CS Foundation

This product was created to be a best friend of recovery, rebuilding and repairing. 

CS BrainSense (5 Pack)

BrainSense is designed to provide a solid nutritional foundation to help your brain and body perform optimally.

SomaDerm® Transdermal Gel

As you age, your body’s ability to produce natural HGH diminishes. This innovative homeopathic product contains a powerful transdermal homeopathic blend of ingredients, which have been demonstrated to increase natural growth hormone by up to 800% in healthy volunteers.*

CS Java-Sense

Java-Sense is intended to act as a mood and weight management tool, yet “tool” isn’t really the word to describe something so satisfying. 

CS Motivate

Designed to provide a calm, powerful edge of mental and physical energy and can help you with the mental focus, clarity, and increased energy you need, with only 5 calories.

CS Simply Sensible

This Meal Replacement Shake is a blend of quality ingredients designed to provide the essential nutrients while curbing hunger, increasing energy, and promoting muscle recovery.


Made with latest key Nootropic ingredients that support natural energy and increased focus, NeuraVie is designed to support the 6 pillars of immediate, short and long term cognitive health: Focus, Memory, Learning, Accuracy, Concentration, and Reasoning.

We Deliver and Ship all over the Country!

“After a lifelong battle with mental health issues, after taking the product for a few weeks, for the first time in my life, I was like, everything really is OK!”


“I just cant describe the difference in every area of my life. This has given me a new lease on life, and I am excited about living for the first time.”


“After seeing what a powerful impact this had on my son, I couldn’t wait to see how it would help the rest of my family. Every single one of us has a story of how our life was bettered.  We won’t go without it!“


It’s What We Give, That Makes A Difference In A Person’s Life!

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